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Chronic Law premieres "bless me" Movie Trailer 

Chronic Law premiered the movie trailer for his smash hit "Bless Me".

The scene was set in Duppy Church, located in Mile Gully, Manchester. Duppy Church is said to be abandoned because of so called 'duppies' which were creating havoc on the congregation.

It starts with a man running, stumbling, getting up and running again as some unseen element gives chase. 

It then switches briefly to Chronic Law in the woods, hands clasped, praying.

 Out of breath, the man running stops, bent, with his hands on his knees as he pants for air. 

He looks up, and a few feet away is the old duppy church. He starts running towards it, scampering and stumbling as he arrives in the church yard. Chronic Law appears again, this time inside the dilapidated building, hands clasped once more.

 The tired man now falls to the ground and dark images start to flash: fires, candles in the dark, the old building. 

He appears confused.

 What is he running from?

 What's happening here?

 What's going to happen now?

 We can't wait to find out so stay tuned!!!